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Welcome to Gojira Labs. We’re the mad scientists breathing new life into the stale world of digital entertainment. We’ve stitched together the best bits of gaming, tech and crypto, to create a brand-new gaming experience that puts players in control. We have fun. We blow stuff up. We make monsters. We hate the cynical monetization strategies that have plagued Web3 games just as much as you do, so we decided to do things differently. Forget pay-to-play and play-to-earn: this is play-for-fun.

Introducing our latest monster – the animatronic NFT (aNFT), a new framework that connects PFP communities to games that are simply super freaking fun to play. Try it out now, and follow us for updates from the lab.

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Animatronic NFT
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Sprinft will be the first game from Gojira Labs to use animatronic NFTs (aNFTs) to bring rival characters from different PFP projects together in a fiercely fun contest. With players pitting their avatars against each other in a race to the finish, who will claim the glory, and who will be left eating dust? Play Sprinft and unlock a PFP character to find out. Just don’t ask us how to pronounce it.



Say hello to the animatronic NFT (aNFT), a new type of digital collectible that will soon let you spawn playable characters from static PFP collections. We blend the fun of gaming with the power of Web3, to create new experiences for players to race, fight and battle against one another. Will you emerge victorious?

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